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In the commercial sector keeping cool is a necessity and regular service is most essential to your business.  Aside from keeping potential customers cool while visiting your establishment, your business may be one that have an enormous amount of electronics that produces heat (server rooms) which means you will have to ensure proper ventilation and air control in place to keep machines running at optimal levels.  This type of service is a very custom application and takes a true professional to get the job done correctly.


Or maybe your business has yet to be built and is still in the construction phase of the project, our HVAC contractors can offer you a complete turn- key service. This will include every phase of air conditioning to be installed properly with compliance to all building codes.  The work will not only have a warranty, but it will also be inspected and tested multiple times during construction.


No matter what your situation is with your air conditioning system, there is always a service available to you to fix your problem.  No job is too small or too large.  Do not hesitate to call us your local AC specialists for any questions or concerns with your current system and see what services you may need today.

About BACC

Bahamas Air Conditioning Contractors Ltd is a leading HVAC company in Nassau Bahamas since 2007.  We specialize in sales, installations and maintenance of both residential and commercial equipment.


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